Frequently Asked Questions For Employers

Q: Will My Job Appear on Indeed?
 VetMed DVM Careers jobs are not posted to Indeed, however jobs are posted to Google Jobs, ZipRecruiter, and Jora. For maximum exposure, our DVM combo job posting rate offers employers a 6-month job posting on both VetMed DVM Careers and VetMed Careers, our main job board.

VetMed Careers is one of the very few niche job boards “grandfathered” into displaying selected job postings on Indeed via our nightly XML job feed. Due to Indeed’s policy to reduce duplicate job postings and employers, Indeed will not display jobs from vetmedcareers.com onto Indeed if:

1. An employer has an active job posting (of any type) currently posted on Indeed
2. An employer has an established “Employer Account” with Indeed, despite any active/nonactive jobs

Indeed is very strict in adhering to this policy and is enforced by Indeed themselves, in which VetMed Careers has no control.

VetMed Careers does not guarantee your job posting will appear on Indeed or SimplyHired (a partner to Indeed).

VetMed Careers does not guarantee your job posting will appear on Indeed

2. I forgot my login and password? 
Click on the “Sign Up” or “Login” Click on the “Lost Password?” link on the Log In page and you will receive an automated email to the email address registered to the account. Once received, you will be able to change/reset your password. If you are still having trouble accessing your account please contact us at 912-857-8688 or via email info@vetmeddvmcareers.com.

3. How do I place a job posting? 
Click on the “Sign Up” link to create an account or “Login” link on the Log In page to login to your account. Once logged in, you will automatically be directed to your “Job Dashboard”. Click “Post a Job” and follow the steps to complete your posting.

4. Are the job posting rates Net or Gross? 
All job posting rates are Net total. Job postings do not auto-renew.

5. Are jobs posted immediately? Do job posting require approval?
All job postings are published immediately after successful payment. All jobs are manually reviewed to ensure you are receiving maximum exposure. Please note VetMed DVM Careers job postings are subject to approval and reserve the right to reject or cancel any advertisement at any time.

6. How is payment accepted? 
VetMed DVM Careers payments are securely processed via Authorize.net. Visa, MasterCard or American Express accepted.

7. Can I edit a current online job posting? 
Absolutely. Simply “Log In” to your account, locate the job posting, and “Click” edit.

8. I have filled the position. How do I cancel an ad? 
To cancel your job posting, log in to your account to be directed to your “Job Dashboard” and click “Remove Job” on the job posting you wish to cancel. No refunds are given for job listings that are canceled after posting has been active, but before job posting expires.

9. Why I haven’t received a response from my job posting?
Unfortunately, this can happen and can be due to a number of factors, in which VetMed DVM Careers has no control over.  However, we are doing everything possible to ensure maximum exposure for both employers and candidates.

10: Do You Offer Custom Job Packages?
Absolutely! Contact us with your job posting details and we’ll respond within 12-hours.

11: Can Job Seekers Apply via our Applicant Tracking Software?
Yes, our job posting template offers employers a URL field for your applicant tracking link.

12. How Do I know When Someone Applies?
When a job seeker applies to your job posting(s), you will receive an automated email notification from VetMed DVM Careers displaying candidate message and possibly their resume as an attachment. The same candidate inquiry is also saved to your employer dashboard. Make sure vetmeddvmcareers.com domain is added to your safe list to receive email notifications in a timely manner.

13. How Do I Renew our Job Posting?
To renew your job posting:

* Login to your VetMed DVM Careers employer account
* Click on “User Page in the upper right corner
* Locate job posting and click “Relist
* Be sure to review job posting for any edits or changes prior to submitting
* Proceed with payment.

14: How Do I Post Additional Jobs Without Having to Repay?
To post multiple jobs:

* Create account or login to VetMed DVM Careers employer account
* Complete job details, review listing, and select package of choice
* Enter payment details
* Once payment has been successful, enter your next job description
* Complete job details, review listing and submit
* Select “Purchased Package” to bypass payment screen (highlighted)
* Repeat if necessary

15. Do You Offer Resume Viewing?
Not yet available, we will offer free resume viewing with any paid, active job posting. Please check back.

16. Is VetMed DVM Careers a Recruiting Agency?
No, VetMed DVM Careers is not a recruiter or staffing agency however we do offer assistance to experienced veterinary candidates seeking help with their job search. If we have a candidate seeking employment within your practice area, we will contact employers via email only. Please make sure vetmeddvmcareers.com domain is added to your safe list to receive email notifications in a timely manner.

17. The Position Has Been Filled. Do You Offer Refunds?
Once job(s) are posted and displayed on vetmeddvmcareers.com, employer/user may choose to cancel, remove, or delete a job posting at any time, however, no refunds will be issued. Job posting services will remain available until job posting or job posting plan expires.

18. Does VetMed DVM Careers offer Screening Questions?
Yes, when posting a job, there is an option for “Screening Questions”. Select from suggested options or create your own.